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Research Data – open access

Internet-based open access to research data is useful for comparison, re-analysis, meta-analysis or teaching purposes. Members of SAA are encouraged to make their data available online and to indicate download requirements and terms of use, if they are willing to share their datasets with the scientific community.

(1) Original research data are available from a number of studies conducted by the former Forschungsgruppe Psychophysiologie, University of Freiburg, Germany,

  • three diary studies about variability of mood, morningness-eveningness, negative retrospection effect, including self-report items, free commentaries, tests (working memory, Go/No-Go paradigm).
  • two psychophysiological studies on blood pressure variability and concurrent assessment of subjective state and behavior, based on self-report items, free commentaries, multi-channel 24-hr recordings of BP, heart rate, and activity. The second investigation, designed as a field-experiment, also included registration of ambient parameters, the automatic detection of posture and movement pattern, and, furthermore, interactive monitoring of additional (i.e. non-metabolic) heart rate/emotional responses (Myrtek’s methodology).

A simple registration (name, institution, e-mail) is required to get access to study description (.pdf, in German), data set (.sav, SPSS) and further references, i.e. journal articles, research reports, and book chapters (.pdf, in English/German).

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