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movisens provides ambulatory assessment and mobile monitoring solutions and services for science and research.

The company has developed two products to measure human data in real life.
The E3 Wristband is a bracelet to monitor physiological signals such as temperature, movement, skin conductivity or heart rate. Analytics is a platform for stress monitoring, including an online dashboard for team and group analysis.

VitaMove Research is a multi-sensor platform, which delivers physical activity monitors, measurements for algorithm development and work process handling for clinical trials or large studies.

Kinematix offers healthcare and fitness products, like WalkinSense, a noninvasive device to monitor lower human limb movement. It measures the mobility patterns and the plantar pressure and works as a care plan monitoring system to optimize inpatient management.

Newspaper article about recorder systems for physiological data on the online platform “fit for usability”.
The article reports on the Portable Recorder and the Varioport TT of the company Becker.

Pdf file Pdf file with information about the recorder system Varioport.

Vitaport 4
TEMEC Instruments is specialized in developing electronic medical, research and industrial digital recording or analyzing equipment.
The company offers the Vitaport 4 series - including the Vitaport 4 PSGlite system, the Vitaport 4 full PSG system and the Vitaport 4 EEG25 system, an 25 channel ambulatory EEG recorder.

Contact precision instruments
The software Psychlab receives data from amplifiers (including third party equipment), organizes stimulation procedures, plays sounds, and can show pictures or movie files on a separate monitor. In addition it can record a live video stream, which is synchronized with the physiology.

Xsens provides products for three-dimensional movement detection, which include miniature attitude and heading reference systems, solutions for motion capture or kit for motion detection on the basis of the MEMS inertial sensor technology.

BioTrainer Pro
IM Systems is specialised in ambulatory monitoring devices for sleep disorders. The company offers products, which include movement disorder monitoring for Parkinson’s tremor and recording physical activity, by using accelerometer-based devices and activity monitors.

Oxycon Mobile
Portable and wireless cardiopulmonary stress testing system, which registers metabolic response in every condition and records breath-by-breath data via a mounted vest.

The subject’s gait can be record and assessed by Stepwatch. The system counts the number of steps per time interval over certain monitoring periods.

The Lifecorder EX (NL-2200) is an activity monitor. In addition to counting steps, it calculates the calories expended and the basal metabolic rate. The system can store data over a period of 200 days, so that can be helpful to modify the physical activity behaviour.

Cambridge Neurotechnology
The company delivers products for monitoring sleep quality, energy expenditure, physical activity, heart rate variability, brain activity, muscle reflex and patient recorded outcome.

Acti Graph
Acti Graph is a company, which offers ambulant monitoring systems and software to screen physical activity and to receive information about sleep and wake phases.

Pdf file with information about the VitalSense monitoring system. VitalSense monitors and collects the core body and dermal temperature, as well as the heart and respiration rate, by using wireless sensors.

The actimetry sensor can screen the sleep and wake patterns of subjects through long-term monitoring.

Yamax digiwalker
The Digi-Walker is an electronic pedometer, which measures the activity time, the calorie consumption and the distance reached per day.

RT6 Research Activity Monitor
The Research Activity Monitor can measure activity in kinematic (raw data) and kcal (calorie expenditure) mode. It is a triaxial accelerometer and has a software that controls the activity and calculates activity units, mets or kilocalories.

LifeShirt is a noninvasive, physiologic monitoring system, which measures the heart rate. As the name suggest, it is a shirt with embedded sensors to collect information of cardiopulmonary parameters.

The VU University Ambulatory Monitoring System measures stress and emotion in laboratory and in naturalistic settings. It is used to capture non-invasive ambulatory measurement of the autonomic nervous system for research purposes.

Parport is a medical device that records physiological data in areas such as sports science, psychophysiology, medical and behavioural research.

With its internal computer and bioelectric impedance cardiograph, the AIM-8-V3 has the capability of acquiring and processing real time cardiography signals and computing the cardiac performance indices of subjects. This can be used on both humans and animals during ambulatory conditions.

Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS®)
The child resistant MEMSCap, with its options of either TrackCap or SmartCap, wirelessly transmits dosing data (date and time of when a vial is opened) to the user when used in conjunction with MEMSCap reader.

With its 3 different models, the Actiwatch is used to accurately record activity, Sleep, wake and ight exposure data.

The Portapres displays hemodynamic parameters such as stroke volume and cardiac output and offers ambulatory blood pressur emonitoring (ABPM)

The g.MOBIlab allows investigation of brain, heart and muscle activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response, pulse and various other body signals by recording multimodal biosignal data on a standard pocket PC, PC or notebook.

Monica AN24 (Fetal/Maternal ECG monitor)
This device improves uterine contraction detection without the risk associated with IUPC and also monitors the maternal and fetal ECG shape.

Mindware Technologies
For ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG, skin conductance (GSC), impedance cardiography, goniometers, accelerometers, and other transducers this company offers four different ambulatory monitoring instruments to suite various needs.

The cellular devices from this company can be used to detect vital signs and behavioral states and mood changes by using cutting edge sensors as well as their combination of software solutions and smartphone applications which will allow data to be transmitted in real time to the user.

The DynaPort is a tri-axial accelerometer, which has a DC response to the earth’s gravitational field records, on a micro SD card, data on posture and motion of a subject.

Twente Medical Systems International develop multi-channel amplifiers, data acquisition and communication solutions for (electro-) physiological applications. They use amplifier technology suited for use in measurement environments such as very noisy surroundings, demanding ambulatory applications with potential movement artifacts or in cases with poor electrode impedances.

Equivital has been developed, to harness the value of mobile human data. The company offers solutions across pharmaceutical, industrial and healthcare markets.

Zephyr is a company that is specialized in real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring solutions for health, defense, first responder, training and research markets.

Actiwatch, Actiheart, Actiband
CamNtech provides objective monitoring solutions of sleep quality, energy expenditure, physical activity, heart rate variability, brain activity, muscle reflex and patient recorded outcome.

SOMNOwatch & SOMNOscreen
SOMNOwatch includes a  screener with digital triaxial acceleration sensor, ambient light sensor and event markers.
The SOMNOscreen works with integrated radio transmitter and provides the ability to perform screening, outpatient and inpatient PSG’s as well as complete EEG derivations 10-20 wirelessly.

PALtechnologies is a company, which provides clinical tools for the patient-centred measurement of ambulatory activities, providing researchers and clinicians with evidence for treatment interventions and disease related risks.

Porta Bio Screen is a company that has developed the MentalBioScreen K3. The device measures the stress levels while 24 hours, by using the skin conductance.

IDEEA is a portable device for analyzing body motion and is used for objective and scientific assessment of physical activity and energy expenditure. It provides vast amount of information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases, as well as physical performance.

Pam is a device that measures the movements of the body and evaluates the daily activities by calculating the intensity.

The ActiSmile can measure the daily activities 24 hours a day. The device registers the whole activity (without means of transport, such as bus or bike) and classifies by means of algorithms, such as no activity, moderate or intense activity. The user gets real-time feedback by the growing smile of the smiley.

SleepTracker is a sleep software, which monitors the sleep stages throughout the night and uses that data to determine the exact moment to wake up, feeling refreshed and energetic. In addition SleepTracker shows ways to improve the sleep and the overall sleep score.

SensorWiki is an online platform to provide a thorough review of the main types of sensing technologies, used in musical applications. The idea is to offer an open space for researchers in the field, to complete information in books and textbooks.

SparkFun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces for electronics projects. SparkFun also offers classes and a number of online tutorials, to help educating individuals in the world of electronics.

InnerSense develops manufactures and markets diagnostic solutions for the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar cell industries. The company provides its customers methods for troubleshooting and monitoring materials handling.

InfusionSystems is an online platform, which offers a number of products - especially motion sensors for digital media control.

Ambulatory Phonation Monitor (APM)

The Cortrium C4 device is developed to meet the demand for a modern accessible, and open medical grade vital sign monitoring system.

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